Linear LED Light – How to Use Them

The linear LED lights can be customized into any shape and installed in three ways: recessed, surface-mounted, or suspended. The light effects created by the light lines that divide the space allow for various combinations and interactions with architectural or furnishing items.

LED linear lighting strips are available in any size you choose, giving you endless design options. You can create a variety of lighting patterns and atmospheres by using linear lighting throughout your home. This is complemented by spotlighting, floor lighting, and wall lighting. To create the best effect, it’s important to play with space, shape, and shadows.

1. Decorative Led Linear Lights

Linear lights provide a pleasing wash when integrated into architectural elements, such as recessed ones. Indoor linear lighting is a combination of aesthetic and technical elements.

2. Pendant Linear Lumens

Linear suspensions come in many styles, from minimal and modern to funky and eclectic. They are a great alternative to pendants and chandeliers. Pendants are used in many rooms, but there are two places where they are most commonly seen. These placements include:

3. Kitchen

Linear lights are a great option for peninsulas and island lighting. Pendant lights are becoming more popular as kitchen islands become more common. Pendant lights are not only a great way to illuminate counters, but they also look fantastic. They work well over peninsulas and islands because you can’t walk there, so there’s less risk of hitting your head. They can be a fantastic option because they look great and, in some cases, become the focal point of the space.

4. Dining Room

Pendant lights are perfect over dining tables for the same reason they work well above kitchen peninsulas or islands.

5. Workstations

The suspended linear lighting solution can do everything, from creating a unique atmosphere in any space to fostering efficiency. These solutions ensure uniform lighting distribution, boost performance and increase productivity. Suspended linear lights are the perfect lighting solution for any office.

6. Surface Mount Led Linear Lights

Surface-mounted lighting is mounted directly to the ceiling due to its screw-less design. Surface-mounted lights can be used in healthcare, pharmaceutical, and sterile environments. They are also versatile enough to add a new perspective to any room.

7. Integrated Light or Recessed Light

When integrated into architectural features such as ceiling coves, linear lights provide a pleasing light wash. An LED strip installed in the cove can provide a soft, general light wash on the ceiling. You can also integrate linear lighting into a shadow space to wash the wall over feature paneling, drapes, a relaxation area, or a shower.

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